Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Griechenland mit dem Schwerpunkt Thema Makedonien ist Griechenland.

Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Griechenland mit dem  Schwerpunkt Thema Makedonien ist Griechenland.

Montag, 9. März 2009

Vasil Gligorovic ist frei

Eine gute Nachricht! Vasil Gligorovic ist endlich frei! Der Blogger des Slavic Philhellenic Network hat heute morgen folgende Nachricht veröffentlicht:

Hi to everybody. I'm out, jolly, in good spirit. Remember: its 2:1 for FYROMian Government since it has an extraordinary sound ad hominem "argument". That is the single most important aspect: crazy people say crazy things, like "we are Slavs", "we are a transitional culture between Bulgarians and Serbs" while "normatives", sound and healthy "Macedonoids" believe in Hunza links, being progenitors of the White Europe etc.....

So, more later, but first, my gratitude to everybody who participated in the international pressure for my liberation from the unlawful detention, including the Greek delegation in Skoplje with which I was denied contact, excluding a very courageous man with whom I had conversation in the premises of "hospital"'s "best" barrack where I was transferred by the staff upon their understanding about the delegation.

More detailed report will follow and after that the entire Kafkaesque affair should be forgotten, with the exclusion of some legal measures I will undertake soon. With regard to the forum, I am glad to be among you again

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Macedonia is Greece and people there are Greeks and never can be something other and the invented country by Yugoslav Communists is FYROM has nothing that is connected with Greek Macedonia.
FYROM (Old Serbia,South Serbia,Vardarska banovina or Oblast) is Serbian land.
The people there are mostly originally Serbian (central and nord), Bulgarian (east,Ohrid) and Greeks (south). The rest are Albanians.
FYROM doesn't has identity and it tries to find identity, inventing a Macedonian Orthodox Church and language, which are both Serbian, nothing other.
FYROM can not use the name of your north part of land,and big Greek people like Alexander the great,and Saints Cyril and Methodius,hope Greece will find a way to delete this name from history given to one invented country and hope also that Serbia can help in that.
They are nothing more than an communism degenerate to the balkans!


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